19-year-old, Solomon Etornam Asuhene is the youngest Chartered Accountant in Ghana

A level 300 student, Solomon Etornam Asuhene at the University of Ghana Business School has become Ghana’s youngest Chartered Accountant in Ghana at age 19.

At the 32nd Graduation ceremony of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG), held recently, Solomon was mentioned as the youngest Chartered Accountant to be graduating with the Institute at the record age of 19 years.

Solomon joined ICAG, the body recognized for overseeing Professional Accountancy in Ghana, as a student in 2017 when he was in level 100 at the University of Ghana.

At his first sitting, Solomon wrote 3 papers out of 4. He deferred his paper in Commercial Law for the next sitting. 

In part 2, he wrote 7 papers (including the deferred paper from the previous sitting). He passed all papers and has an unsung record of a 7/7 pass. 

At part 3, he passed 2 out of 4 papers in his first attempt. He passed the remaining two at his next attempt. 

Solomon completed all 14 papers for the professional course within a track time of 2 years.

He is currently majoring in Insurance under the Department of Finance in the Business School. He is also the Organizing Secretary of the UGBS students’ council, the Business House Junior Common Room (BHJCR). 

In his current office, he contributed tremendously to the Organizing of the 40th Management Week Celebration together with the executives of the 2018/19 BHJCR administration as chairman of the UGBS students Council Central Planning Committee.

Solomon encouraged all students to be diligent in all they do and persevere as they climb the education ladder.

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