Zidora Aid Foundation set to Send Relief Materials, Flagoff Back to School in IDPs

As charity has no end, more giving leads to more giving. This has been the guiding touch for Zidora Aid Foundation, a charity platform recognized both home and abroad.

Adding to the existing giving system of the foundation, Zidora Aid Foundation will be embarking on more humanitarian projects. This will focus majorly on the Internally Displaced Persons.

New charity movement by ZAF AFRICA

This new charity movement involves visiting IDP camps across the country to enrich lives and empower minds. ZAF will share different kinds of support and relief materials to the people in the various camps. As part of the foundation mission of giving hope to hopeless and putting smiles of faces.

Also, for this project, ZAF AFRICA calls on selflessness-oriented Nigerians to join us embark on this great charity exercise. We assure that it will be a priceless and memorable experience, which will grow and nuture the humanitarian seed in them.

The majority of people in the camps are women and children and they have no way to support themselves and their families. Even more disturbing is the standard of living in this camp.

There are issues of hygiene and security, as well as issues of sexual exploitation. The hygiene situation is such that the entirety of the camp share just one open pit latrine and one bathroom which was provided by an NGO.

Some of the major challenges facing the IDPs camps are:

1. Education

There is a serious need for continued education for the IDP camp children. Children of school age in the IDP are not attending school. This is very disturbing because, education will go a long way to mitigate social vices, insurgency in the northeast as well as empower the kids for a better and more quality life. Indeed, education remains the only way to secure the future of those kids.

To this end, Zidora Aid Foundation resolved to embark on back to school campaign, for the IDP children. This will entail ZAF, taking responsibility for the upkeep of the sponsored children in the camp. The back to school campaign will take care of uniform, books, bags and other material needs of the children.

ZAF calls on well meaning Nigerians to join in this laudable project of contributing to a child’s educational advancement, in the country’s best interest and for humanity sake

2. Food Items and clothing

Food Items and clothing, are the two most disturbing need in the camp. The inhabitants of the IDP camps are in dire need of food items as a lot of them suffer malnutrition.

Although some NGOs are already doing their best, but there is still much to be done in the area of distribution of food items, bedspread and mattresses.
During the visit, most of the children wore worn-out clothes; this is another area where ZAF will also be sending relief materials. Other needs like toiletries and disinfectants are also important, in large quantities.

In addition, Chief Fortune Arinze Madueke said the charity initiative aligns with ZAF’s key objective of positively impacting lives, uplifting the downtrodden and is aimed at ameliorating the pains and suffering of thousands of families it affects.

More focus on Charity promised

In his words, “We identified and are concerned about these communities of displaced people who find their limited resources quickly depleted and are unable to cater for their basic needs. I say this with all sense of responsibility and modesty, we cannot be living comfortably in our houses, whereas there are people who cannot boast of shelter, good meals and clothing”.

The Anambra Born philanthropist further asserted that “this charity initiative will continue to be focused and we expect to work together with the Government at different levels, other humanitarian stakeholders and donors to deliver basic assistance and support to displaced people across the country.”