Georgian Winemaker in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Europe List


25-year-old Georgian Winemaker Baia Abulaze was named to Forbes’ 2019 30 Under 30 Europe list on Tuesday. As a result of this, she has received entrepreneurial support from EU in the areas of informal education, improvement of contacts, sales and the promotion of products.

Located in Abulaze’s village in western Georgia is seven acres of land where indigenous grapes grow without pesticides or fertilizers. The juice ferments inside traditional clay pots buried into the ground, and little is added over the next several months as the juice transforms into wine.

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Surprisingly, as a  fourth-generation Winemaker who grew up on the family farm and started making her own wine just four years ago, She earned herself a spot on Forbes’ 2019 30 Under 30 Europe list on Tuesday.

25-year-old Abulaze  produced just 7,500 bottles in 2018, and started exporting the bulk to the U.S. last February. Most ends up in D.C., where it is sold at some of the buzziest tables in the capital, from Maydan,

“I follow the old traditional methods and rules. says Abuladze, whose grandfather taught her to prune vines and pick grapes according to the moon cycle adding that they  do not have special equipment and other processes like stabilization by adding chemicals to fall back on.

While Abulaze  has been with the company since its inception, her sister Gvantsa joined later and brought a wealth of new experience thanks to the year she spent with the European Voluntary Service programme in Sweden.

Although many have questioned her ability to keep up with increasing demand, Abuladze says she| soon hopes to purchase another 15 acres to scale up production further.

The Winemaker plans to expand to 9,000 bottles this year,and maintains staying  true to her roots: “When people live in the village, they sometimes think it’s not a fashionable life. We are the proudest people.”