Gucci opens department of Diversity after #BlackfaceControversy on sweater

Renee Tirado, Gucci-opens-department-of-Diversity

… employs Gucci’s first-ever chief of diversity and inclusion, Renee Tirado

Gucci the popular luxury fashion brand has begun taking diversity and inclusion efforts a step further with the appointment of a new diversity head.

This comes because of the blackface scandal and backlash spread across all social platforms when a Gucci sweater was widely criticized for evoking blackface symbolism.

Now, in effort to show it is taking diversity and inclusion efforts seriously; the luxury fashion brand sought to douse the tension by naming Renée Tirado as its first-ever global head of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Tirado’s addition to Gucci’s executive team is part of its diversity and inclusion plan that it established in February, the same month the company ignited worldwide uproar for selling a sweater that many said resembles blackface because of its design.

In line with this, according to Ronald Milon, chief diversity officer at the Fashion Institute of Technology, “A chief diversity officer is common in higher education, but given social media and consumer demands, it’s now placed more pressure on companies and corporations to do the same thing”

Interestingly, according to a study conducted by management consultant firm McKisney & Company; companies with more ethnically diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to outperform competitors, and it looks like fashion brands are catching on.

Worthy of note, Tirado was the former chief diversity and inclusion officer for Major League Baseball. Under her leadership, a league-wide Fellowship Program and the Katy Feeney Leadership Symposium were launched, as well as MLB’s first business resource groups.

So, her presence in Gucci will have a positive impact on the diversity and inclusion efforts embraced on by the popular luxury fashion brand.

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