Most Expensive Cities in Nigeria: Top 5

Most Expensive Cities in Nigeria: Top 5

Living in Nigeria is more complex now than it was in past years. This is because of the current state of the economy. As a result of this, it is no longer a thing of surprise that many Nigerians would like to know which cities in Nigeria are most expensive to live in.

In as much as living in expensive cities in Nigeria has some, in terms of general cost of living; residents enjoy comfort and luxury. So, living in an expensive city might be chock-full of opportunities for those who earn a robust income.

Interestingly, in Nigeria, the more expensive a city is; the more respect residents of such cities are given by other Nigerians. In as much as, residing in a certain city is not a major indication of your financial capability, it is a show of class for so many.

Accordingly, we have compiled a list of cities in Nigeria, we consider expensive to live in. In our choice we sampled average cost of a meal, cost of housing, bill cost among many other things.

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1). Abuja

Abuja is believed to be the most expensive city in Nigeria. This is not merely because it is the  Federal Capital Territory. The cost of renting an apartment for you and your family in Abuja is throat cutting. Abuja is home to the highly placed of society. This include from politicians to  foreign expatriates, heads of states, multinational firms, hotels, government parastatals, and head offices of various companies. The presence of these people and establishments has led to the increased surge in the prices of things in the nation’s capital.

In as much as housing is very expensive, which makes the city to rank as first on the list, transportation is relatively low. It is common place to see a cab of 200naira and sometimes less for within town drops. Also, bills for electricity and water are moderate. You regulate your electricity usage with the prepared metre. So, you decide how expensive you go on with that.

As against , the high cost of living getting an average well paying job to match is difficult. Entry level salary still falls within the range of 30,000naira to 50,000naira. This is mostly consumed by cost of rent for accommodation. On the other hand, the cost of getting a meal is on the average. This is most economical if you and your family cook rather than buy food outside.

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2). Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is the next on the Most Expensive Cities in Nigeria list. PH, as it is fondly called,  is home to Nigeria’s major source of income (oil). The cost of living in Lagos in high because of the calibre of people living there. PH boasts of a large number of industrial areas and multinational firms and businesses with dealings in the petroleum industry. The presence of oil and these firms; makes it a home to a large percentage of foreign expatriates.

With lots of oil workers earning a minimum of 1 to 5 million naira per month, it’s no surprise that the cost of living in Port Harcourt is very high. From apartments to groceries, education, and medical services, it’s very difficult to find cheap items.

While most employees of multinational firms can afford this extravagant lifestyle, an average resident finds it difficult to find a decent apartment at a reasonable rate. This had led to most indigenes and low-income earners residing in shanties and lacking basic toilet facilities, and portable water. Additionally, most of them find it difficult to afford medical services or send their children to school. As a matter of fact, away for the glamour of Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory, PH should be the most expensive city in Nigeria.

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3). Lagos

Known as the commercial and biggest entertainment hub of Nigeria with an ever-growing population of over 21 million people; Lagos is home to a lot of businesses and diverse people. Where it lacks in land mass, it makes up for with population.  The daily influx of people into the city makes Lagos one of the most expensive Nigerian cities to live in. from transport fare to accommodation, food items, and education; the cost of living in Lagos cannot be deemed as cheap.

With its fame and mega city status, a 2 bedroom flat can go for as high as 450, 000 to 600,000 Naira in the not-so glamorous parts of Lagos. Likewise, the same apartment could cost as high as N1,500, 000 to 3 million naira in places like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and Lekki.

4). Calabar

Blessed with tourist attractions such as Tinapa Resort, Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar River, World War I Cenotaph, Kwa Waterfalls, Mary Slessor’s House, Tortuga Island, among others; it’s no surprise that the beautiful seaport city is home to many Nigerians with a affluence.

The daily influx of people attributed to the city’s many tourist places and carnivals, has led to the increase in the cost of living in Calabar. Calabar is also reputed for its friendly weather, serene atmosphere, mouth-watering delicacies and hospitable people makes it a beautiful city to live in.

5). Warri

Warri is home to some of the richest and prominent men in Nigeria. Warri makes the 5th position in the list of most expensive cities in Nigeria because of the presence of oil. Just like Port Harcourt, Warri is an oil city. And the fact that it is an oil city makes it home to foreign multinationals and Nigerians who earn a staggering amount of income as employees of multinational oil firms.