Spark awards InTechnology place on Tech Marketplace

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Spark has awarded UK smart cities technology provider InTechnology a place on its innovation marketplace. Spark is the UK Government’s new Technology Innovation Marketplace set up to help technology start-ups sell products/services to the public sector.

InTechnology joins Spark after rolling out a city-wide Internet of Things (IoT) network in Coventry. It is working with Coventry City Council to pilot high-technology public services to improve air quality, street management, waste lighting and pest control.

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Note that, Intechnology plc comprises three companies. Led by Peter Wilkinson, Intechnology plc is revolutionising the adoption of technology in the fields of public WiFi, digital health and mobile communications.

The three companies under InTechnology Plc

Frist, Intechnology comprises of Inhealthcare. This company is a leader in digital health and remote patient monitoring. It works with health and social care organisations to relieve pressures on overstretched services by enabling patients to be monitored at home, in care homes and on the go.

Next is the IntechnologyWiFi. This is a technology company driving digital change and transformation in public and private sector organisations in UK towns and cities.

MobileTornado is the last of the three companies by Intechnology. It is a leading provider of Push to Talk solutions for Tier 1 Mobile Operators and Solution Provides, specializing in Instant Communications services for mobile devices.

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Spark, the Government’s new Technology Innovation Marketplace, will enable public sector customers to access new and emerging tech via a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

Spark will allow public sector customers to assess the newest tech and drive innovation in the public services delivery. Its flexibility and agility will meet governments and the market’s needs and open opportunities for small and medium sized suppliers. It will also give customers flexibility and filter opportunities by interests, which should save time for smaller suppliers.