Social media have turned everyone to digital traders

Social media have turned everyone to digital traders

Flashback ten years ago, when I was much younger, it was a sort of shameful thing to tell your peers in class that your parents are traders. Most especially, if you happened to attend the same school with kids whose parents where doctors, lawyers, and other prominent professionals. Saying your parents are traders or sellers then painted a picture of the market or street selling; worst still, hawking.

Digital traders everywhere!

Fast forward today, everybody wants to sell something on their social media. I watch with amazement how people are so courageous to sell using the social media now, than when they had to meet people face-to-face in the conventional marketplace. People who I never believed could be traders, seller are joining the trend. As a matter of fact, professionals are gradually turning into sellers too; digital traders though!

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Prior to the advent of the social media things were a lot more different in business. Before now, business transactions were merely done face-to-face in a conventional marketplace such as shops, stores, roadsides, main markets etc.  But, today, you can buy and sell anything (products, service and your personality) from anywhere without stepping a foot out of the comforts of your home. You can imagine how hard it will be for the future generation to ever believe there was a time where there was no Internet.

Facebook, twitter and whatsapp restructure business modus-operandi

As a matter of fact, social media; especially facebook, twitter and whatsapp, are playing a vital role in restructuring the modus-operandi of business. However, it is important to remind you that social media was not originally created to promote business or enhance trade.

Rather, the original social networking sites were initially designed for connecting people, they’ve ultimately turned into transformational business tools and resources that allow brands to connect with customers in unique ways (John Rampton, 2016).

I totally agree with Rampton’s assertion that in just a decade and a half, social media have left an undeniable mark on society and business in particular. He observed that what started as a niche resource, years back, is now considered one of the most powerful marketing tools a business has at its disposal.

Selling and Buying made easy

As a result of this, selling is now as easy as just uploading pictures of what you want to sell on your social media handle. Promote. Boom! Buyers are already on the line to purchase. Nonetheless, product demand and appropriate audience targeting enhance the speed.

Interestingly, the social media have gradually turned everyone into sellers, though, digitally. Now, everyone wants to use their media to sell a thing or the other, service; their personalities too, as a matter of fact. Undoubtedly, everyone now seems to understand the influential effect of social media in helping entrepreneurs and businesses.

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