Kelvin Chukwumaobi;MD Apams funeral Undertakers

One pivotal factor that sets the meeting between a man and his dream fortune is his ability to spot opportunity regardless of how visible it is to the naked eyes. The ability to rebrand a business field, introduce features that separates the existing modus operandi from the new innovations indeed creates the atmosphere for such business to thrive. Who would today think that the provision of “Burial Services” will turn out to be a lucrative business that can earn one a fortune? Who would today think that one can make millions from burying the dead? But the success story of Sir Kevin Chukwumaobi, the Managing Director and CEO of Amuche Pharmacy and Medical Services Limited (APAMS) is a testimony of the aforesaid. A man who started with a single panel-beaten ambulance 27 years ago (1992).

Like some successful individuals with later dreams, APAMS was an ‘along the way’ project produced out of visionary thinking and the curiosity to solve a problem. Initially, he was into the business of selling drugs, an engagement in pharmaceutical distribution. Interestingly, that was where the name APAMS originated from as it was the pharmaceutical company brand name. He later had to quit focusing his feet fully on the newly found path.

Furthermore,the Billionaire who hails from Ukpor in Nnewi South Lga of Anambra State started with an ambulance a panel-beaten 504 ambulance of which he was the driver as at that time. Realizing his vision and passion is not enough, he started reading funeral catalogues, attending seminars and sharing knowledge with people who were bereaved. According to him, he got more information from bereaved ones on the services they required. He also had interactions with the foreign world as regard funeral services, content-creativity, to mention but a few. This indeed was how he changed the game to make his brand an A to Z of funeral services.

Today, APAMS limited can be arguably said to be the mighty giant in the funeral industry. Their revolutionary initiative reflected in their services has been instrumental in helping clients achieve a worthwhile burial rite for their departed loved ones. Interestingly, one thing that has carved a special place for this company is their unique and creative ability in providing meaningful way of preserving special memories and paying tribute to all that makes clients love ones special. Thus, taking the business to a higher dimension as it makes the brand a one-stop funeral shop.