Most Valuable Passports in Africa


Every passport comes with its own level of prestige and whenever you present your passport to immigration officers, you get a certain look, the type of passport you present determines the look you receive.

It doesn’t seem right to be judged by the cover of your passport or to be labeled a terrorist/fraudster because of the passport you poses. However this is what a lot of persons have to cope with, especially those who are not lucky enough to come from countries with powerful passports.

A passport is meant to open doors and grant access across borders, but this is easier with some passports than with others. Some countries in Africa find it easier to travel around the globe much easier than others. According to the Henley and Partners Global Passport ranking of 2019, here is a list of the top 5 African countries with the most powerful passports.

  1. Ranking 68th worldwide, Namibia is the 5th most valuable passport in Africa with 75 visa-free destinations across the world.
  2. Botswana ranks 62nd in the world, making it the 4th most valuable African passport. Holders of Botswanan passports have access to 82 visa-free destinations across the world.
  3. The South African passport ranks 3rd in Africa with a global ranking of 53. South African passport holders can go to 101 countries visa-free destinations across the world.
  4. The passport of the island country of Mauritius ranks 31st in the entire world, making it the 2nd most valuable passport in Africa. Holders of the passport have unrestricted visa-free travel to 145 destinations worldwide.
  5. Island country Seychelles ranks 27th globally, making it the number 1 most valuable African passport for the quarter. With a whopping 151 visa-free destinations across the world.