Nigerian startup, makes 3D printed limbs for amputees


Thanks to innovators at the Northeast Humanitarian and Innovation Hub in Yola, Amputees in Nigeria now have access to 3D printed prosthetics. The hub which was set up in 2018 is purposed to empower tech enthusiasts to impact lives.

According to Ahmed Tijani, one of the pioneers of this startup, it is not just printing the limbs but also adding robotics to it to improve functionality. With robotics we now have sensors coming in within which model of thoughts is designed and transmitted for the user

Furthermore, this 3D printed prosthetics has helped hundreds of lives in assisting them to live up to their different dreams and ambitions, overcoming the incapacitation barrier. An example is that of Muhammed Jafar, a 25-year-old man who lost his left hand while he was part of a vigilante group, formed to protect his neighbours in Yola.

According to reports, Jafar helped rescue a teenage girl kidnapped by a criminal gang, known for attacking residents and creating insecurity in the city. His forearm was however hacked off by the gang’s members when they later came to attack him. In recent times, Jafar got a fitted new 3D printed prosthetic arm and now earns a living as a tailor.