Uzoma Asagwara,Nigerian elected as a Canadian lawmaker

Uzoma Asagwara

Nigerian-born Uzoma Asagwara has been elected as a lawmaker into the Manitoba Legislative Assembly in Canada under the party NDP. According to reports, Uzoma Asagwara was announced alongside two other black people as the winner of Legislative seats thereby breaking the 150-year history of the Manitoba legislative house.
Interestingly, no black person has ever been elected to the Manitoba Legislature in the 150-year history of the province. Asagwara is well known for her long years of activism in the communities in Winnipeg and has worked in Canada as a psychiatric nurse. The Nigerian-Canadian is not only a politician and activist but also an athlete.

In addition, Uzoma Asagwara, a Canadian resident whose parents are Nigerian, is happy because she believes that she will represent the voices of thousands of immigrants and refugees in the Manitoba Legislature. Speaking on her victozry, Asagwara said, “This is a historic moment for our team and our communities.”
In all, inspiring achievements and remarkable feet attained by Nigerians in diaspora creates a multiplier effect that strengthens the image value of the nation and continent at large. The success story of Uzoma Asagwara is a reflection of the fact that something good can emerge from Africa.