Patriotism: Happy Independence Day, Nigeria

Patriotism: Happy Independence Day, Nigeria

it’s not news that a good number of developed countries if the world attained greatness causes its citizens showed patriotism. Unfortunately, the level of patriotism of Nigeria citizens is low. Without mincing words, this has contributed to the development of the country negatively. There are ways to increase the level of patriotism in Nigeria.

patriotism is the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment. This attachment can be a combination of many different feelings relating to one’s own homeland, including ethnic, cultural, political or historical aspects

Patriotism takes hard, thoughtful, informed, dedicated, humble, and steady work. Being patriotic simply means Patriotism means supporting and being responsible for your family, your community and all levels of government with your willingness to work, to volunteer, to pay your share of taxes and pay with your life if need be.

Patriotism Means the majority rules, but the majority protects the rights of the minority. It means respecting your neighbour’s opinion, but not letting yourself be run over by it. It means thinking for yourself, but also seriously working to educate yourself. To be patriotic, you need to learn and understand where the biases in information you receive are coming from. Is the information objective, or captured by special interests on the left or right, or in between?

As a Nigerian citizen paying your taxes without griping is one way to go when showing patriotic, making sure you vote and obeying the law is another way to go about being patriotic, we should try to practice patriotism honestly, knowledgeably and quietly every day, if we all practice patriotism the positive change we seek would begin to unfold, at least in its contemporary manifestation.

A self-described “patriot”, is someone who dumps refuse in the appropriate place and not on the street or in a drainage, someone who represents the strength of Nigeria even in a foreign land, someone who comes out and vote in other words fulfill their obligation which is being part of the decision making process of the country, someone who labors, earn and pay their tax when due, someone who obeys the law regardless  of where ever they find themselves in the world and lastly someone who cares for their fellow citizen and helps them become a better patriotic Nigerian.

 Patriotism means standing up for views contrary to your own, and for people unlike yourself, because diversity is the greatest Nigeria’s asset and characteristic. Patriotism means never letting go of the diversity, ethnicity and multiculturalism makes us unique and great even when it seems like the country faces tribulations.

Patriotism means supporting the values set forth in the constitution, helping to ensure that everybody – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion – has the opportunity to enjoy the democratic freedoms of our nation Nigeria. It’s about working not just for oneself, but for the good of all. Understanding that equality means; everybody, not just a chosen few. Helping people wherever and however, you are able to.

Be sure to speak out against social injustices around the you, share what you have with those in need and try to give more than you take if possible, you might not be excited just yet that you are a Nigerian but I tell you that our strength if properly placed would fade out the weaknesses if only we stay patriotic.

Patriotism is not a blind acceptance of the status quo. Patriotism means constant vigilance and asking whether the direction your country is headed in is the right one and whether that direction makes your country a better place. Patriotism is a spirit of comradeship for those who share your country, regardless of their background or walk of life. Patriotism is knowing when your country is faltering and helping it to do better. Patriotism is representing what is best about your country, and putting its best face forward, to the rest of the world. Patriotism isn’t about believing your country is always right. It means apologizing when your country has been wrong and learning from the mistakes of the past to make a stronger future. When you travel, be a good public diplomat, able to communicate what is good about Nigeria, and what is bad – while still being proud.

It’s no hidden fact that Nigeria’s democracy that still struggles but patriotism would definitely ensure continuous growth and development, patriots don’t wear green and white and blue and beat their chests about how great Nigeria is. Patriots work to make the country better, “…Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”.

Patriotism also means defending the constitution and the bill of rights and being willing to sacrifice oneself for any of my fellow Nigerians.

Nigeria, United we stand. Be patriotic and encourage your neighbour to be also.

Happy 59th year of Independent Nigeria