Thrive Agric; birth and success story

Thrive Agric; birth and success story

Thrive Agric is an agro-tech startup which is among the first 12 startups selected for the Google Launchpad Accelerator. Uka Eje, is a farmer and a co-founder(CEO) of Thrive Agric. 

Thrive Agric works hand in hand with smallholder farmers to provide them with the best inputs and machinery for their farms, data-driven advisory and access to premium markets. Basically, the financial aspect is being controlled by willing fundraisers as they offer crowd funding and in turn they update the funders regularly and accurately on all the farming activities that has taken place. Thrive Agric has been in existence since 2016 but was publicly accepted in July 2017 due to consistency and resilience.

The motivation for setting up Thrive Agric

Uka Eje and his assistant fresh out of school were faced with data of post-harvest losses farmers faced and we spent four years focused on building a supply chain for farmers in northern Nigeria, granting them easier access to major companies across the country. Consequently, they discovered farmers had three major challenges which were finance for their farms, access to better inputs, low harvests from their farms because of insufficient data to help increase their yield and difficulty to access the larger markets and on the other hand urban dwelling Nigerians who had passion for agriculture but with the lack of skills and knowledge, there dreams would shatter. They decided to look for a solution and create a platform which would make agriculture better and  ‘Thrive Agric’ came through.


However, there have been challenges on the long run. One has to have an unlimited amount of focus to stay on cause. His core goal has always been how best  to use technological tools to easily and effectively manage and aggregate farmers.

Increasing interest in Agriculture

Interestingly, many people has developed a certain engrossment for agriculture in Nigeria. Especially, weighing from government interventions, international organizations and other stakeholders that have helped to make agriculture a secured option for investment, all these creates an impact. Furthermore, as agriculture has proven to be a promising and profitable business to invest in, it gives us a vivid expectation that agriculture can create a massive income over the years if managed properly and judiciously. 

The focus has always been on how best we can optimize our product for our users, in this case, the farmers and the people who fund them and it is also stated that an an infrastructure layer is being built to aid food insecurities in Africa.

The future

Conclusively, Uka Eje’s intention is basically to use technology, finance with over a  million of farmers to help build their dreams.

 Advise for upcoming entrepreneurs

Lastly, His words of wisdom for both young and old is basically all about teamwork, being aggressive about growth,staying focused and having an unlimited amount of passion in all our endeavors.