Alibaba faces over 300 million hacking attempts daily

Alibaba prevent 300 million hacking attempts daily

Alibaba’s founder ‘Jack Ma’ says, the Company prevents approximately three hundred million hacking attempt daily thanks to its advanced computing capabilities

 “For Alibaba Group, we have over 300 million hacking attempts per day. Every day. But we deal (with) it. We don’t have even one problem,” Ma told the Forbes Global CEO Conference earlier this week.

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“We teach the machine all the ways people (are) cheating. The machine remembers over millions of ways of cheating, so when we start the cheating, (the) machine already knows you are cheating. In this way, we are protecting all the technology.”

Cyber-attacks directed against the Chinese e-commerce giant per day, according to Jack Ma, threaten to compromise the small print of just about one billion users.
In distinction, rival Chinese technical rival Huawei is known to come under attack at least one million times per day.

Despite these dramatic figures, Ma aforementioned that he was “proud” that its payment arm ‘Alipay’ has never lost “one cent” to hackers.
Alipay has close to one billion users across the globe and processes around $50 billion transactions daily.

This height is achieved by using Alibaba’s advanced Al technology, that it called AI: Alibaba Intelligence.

Ma, WHO retired from his company last month, went on to clarify that this technology needed immense set of client information so as to accurately verify dangerous actors.

This comes when Alibaba detected a significant attack in February that saw hackers attain ninety-nine million usernames and passwords from a variety of internet sites, over twenty millions of that were additionally getting used on Alibaba’s Taobao.

Hackers then began logging in to the accounts to create pretend orders in a practice called “brushing” that is employed to boost sellers’ rankings on the platform.
Alibaba claims to have discovered this activity I just a month after it began, and blocked the vast-majority of log-in attempt.