Sijibomi at 33, making billions with Real Estate

Sigibomi at 33, making billions with Real Estate

Investing In Real Estate has always been a Gold mine for people who work the angle right. It is safe to say that Sijibomi Ogundele is one who continues to Excel in the real estate field. 

He is a man to watch out for as far as the revolution of Nigeria’s prime real estate is concerned. He Currently recognized as one of Nigeria’s youngest Billionaires.

He is a Nigerian businessman, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and real estate mogul. Sijibomi who had a humble start is now the founder and CEO of  Sujimotors and Constructions.

  Sijibomi Ogundele was born on the 8th of April 1983 and brought up in Agege area of Lagos State, Nigeria, one of the suburbs of Lagos, gradually climbed up the ladder of success and he claims it was not so smooth. His perseverance is what got him to his current status and his achievements today are putting Nigeria’s name on the global map especially in the real estate and construction trade.

His wealth did not skip the mention of the prestigious Magazine ‘Forbes Africa’ describing him as a ‘brave young entrepreneur’, “… An astute businessman with the capacity to change the Nigerian real-estate industry,” 

Sijibomi has channelled his valued experiences in capitalism and investment strategy over the years into his business “Sujimoto” and as a result he has been able to create an establishment of classy housing units in Nigeria that can compete with its counterparts globally.

Mr Sijibomi Ogundele Primary Objective is to redefine Luxury in the Nigeria real-estate Industry.

The 33-year-old Sijibomi Ogundele, no doubt identifies as one of the very few biggest boys on Lagos Island, and He continues to strategically and cautiously make huge positive business-changing moves.

Sijibomi has gradually become the biggest young property owner in an exclusive Ikoyi area of Lagos with the newly completed world-class luxury apartments, Medici Terraces, located on Milverton Road, Ikoyi.

The property which he acquired not too long ago, has turned to beauty to behold in just a few months he started constructing the mansion.

With offices in Paris, Accra, Madrid, Dubai and Riyadh, he has indeed stamped his feet solidly in the Nigerian business world with nothing but perfection and class rooted in his mind.

Today, Sijibomi is not just a member of the residents of Ikoyi, but has emerged as a member of the Landlords Association with about seven property listed as his.

After having an encounter with a Japanese University Professor Dr Sujimoto Koga who boosted his confidence to believe in himself and take on life as it comes, the well-spoken businessman Sijibomi did not allow his background to deter him from succeeding.