Meet the founder of ‘Tuteria’ who made 61 As,10 Bs and only 1 C

Godwin Benson graduated with a 4.85 CGPA (first class degree) from the University of Lagos where he studied engineering. Through out his study he had 61, As 10, Bs and only 1 c.

He is the founder of the Tuteria app, a platform which connects professional tutors to students in their area and on budget, it has a rating system as Uber does, it was based on his experience as a tutor, that he developed the platform.

“It is something that solves the problem of access to quality, personalised learning and helps people earn income from sharing their knowledge” according to Benson

The Tuteria app is a software with an evaluation process that gives students the opportunity to book lessons online with an upfront payment plan. 

Tutors are charged once the lesson is verified and the fee for each paid lesson; Tuteria makes 15 to 30 per cent commission of every amount charged. A variety of academic subjects are covered by teachers.

Godwin is the first Nigerian to win the prestigious Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

It is refreshing to see Nigerians slowly rising up and demystyfying the belief that Africans are only users of Western technology, not their own innovators. That’s just what Godwin Benson did here.

Recently, the tutoring app received the UK’s ‘UK Royal Academy of Engineering’s fourth annual Technology Innovation Award. Benson came first amongst the sixteen short-listed innovators in Sub-Saharan Africa and was awarded ($32,000) prize money.

The participants were focused on business plans and interaction during their trip to Nairobi until the last leg of the marathon, which actually occurred in front of a live audience.

Benson plans to raise the market bar more because he plans to include online classes and video courses expanding the Tuteria offer even beyond the shores of Nigeria.