10 Outstanding Rules Of Wearing Suits For Men

There is nothing more attractive to any woman than a man in a fitted suit, every lady longs for a man that can stay distinguished with his taste for styles.

It is no more news that wearing a suit goes with abiding by the rules that encompasses it; perhaps you will be addressed the way you are dressed. It’s essential for you to know the rules that guides wearing a suit.

Remember the pleasure of you donning on that suit is to project your personality and accentuate your look, leaving the impression of your unique fashion style to onlookers.

Interestingly, you need to be aware of the rules that guides wearing of suits, committing a suit blunder can easily call people’s attention to your dressing error(s), by knowing these rules, be rest assured that your elegant and confident look will complement your distinctive looks.

There are several rules that guide the wearing of a suit; however, the top ten of these rules are as follows:

1. Let Your Shoulder Fit In Your Suit

One of the most essential things to note is that a tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men”, this is one of the reasons we need to have the outstanding when you think of wearing a suit; let your shoulders fit in your suit. If the suit jacket is bigger than your shoulder it definitely loses its fitting, this might hamper the required impression to be made.

Be sure of the size of the suit jacket, that will always save you from the unfitted suits and avoid violating the rules of wearing a suit.

2. Always Open Your Last Button

There shouldn’t be a special rule to note than always opening your last suit button. It is ideal and enticing to always leave your suit last button open. This easily creates a lasting impression and places you among the league of distinguished gents.

3. Always Button Your Shirt At The Top

Donning well- tailored suits are mostly for commanding respects; the fast and effective means of getting the desired ovation lies in following the rules- always button your shirt at the top.

This rule is applicable when you are wearing a long tie or a bow tie, it is well observed when you’re off without it.

4. Don’t Pair A Sport Watch With Your Suit

Create the atmosphere surrounding you as a king; don’t miss out any of these rites. Your distinctive suit needs a unique wrist watch; therefore, avoid pairing your suit with a sport watch. Bring out the best in your look with a special wrist watch.

Remember, you’re addressed the way you dress, look out for a better wrist watch.

5. Undo The Button Of Your Suit Before You Sit

You can easily identify real men from the boys, when it comes to wearing suit; there is a special recognition that goes to those who always play by the rules. Remember to always unfasten your suit button when you are sitting down.

6. Wear Socks That Covers Your Shoes

Importantly, it is essential for you to note that your legs must be well covered, by so doing you have to abide by the rules. The socks you wear must cover your legs whenever you sit down. This will always makes your presence more noticeable.

7.  Avoid Using Excessive Decoration On Your Suit

Accessorizing your suit jacket with a pocket bar, sidebar and a lapel pin are too much for your suit, optimizing it will be an ideal thing to consider.

Trying to catch the onlookers’ attention is not by the excessive use of decorating items to stand out. It’s amazing for you to realize that you can create your desired look with a simple touch in style not by over accessorizing your suit jacket.

8. Mind Your Suit’s Trouser Length

This is one of the outstanding rules to consider when you intend on donning a suit, your suit trouser length must be checked, and shouldn’t exceed your ankle. 

Many men wearing suits do not consider that being distinctive when rolling out on suit, it gives that bespoke appearance if the length of trousers are in order.

9. Avoid Wearing Belt With Braces

You might be surprised that wearing a belt on a brace doesn’t complement each other, there are closely distanced. One of the outstanding rules of wearing suits by men is; do not brace when you wear a belt and avoid using a belt when you wear braces.

10. Leave No Gap Between your Shirt Collar And Suit

Interestingly, many men donning suits ignore this rule, a perfect dress always calls for perfect attention, be sure to leave no gap between your shirt collar and your suit jacket whenever you consider wearing a suit without a tie.

This will always promotes your look and earn you your desired respect from onlookers.

Conclusively, there are numerous ways you can achieve your dream of a perfect look, when you abide with the rules of wearing suits.

There are no exemptions to this rule, it is more important to know that there are many rules that guides wearing suit by men; however, the explained rules above are the leading and most important of all.