Nigerian lady works with a reputable American media house

Nigerian broadcaster identified on Twitter as Mss Deeynah announced that she is starting a new role at Voice of America.

The presenter who had previously worked at BBC Hausa is going on to even bigger things – Many have congratulated her on taking on the new role

Mss Deeynah, who recently secured a broadcasting job with Voice of America, the American media house. On her Twitter page, the lady revealed her new feat and received congratulatory messages from users of social media.

voa 1

Deeynah is set to work in Voice of America’s Hausa division. She used to be a BBC Hausa staff. The young lady seems to be as pumped as ever to take on the new role, and this has led her to take very beautiful pictures in front of her new organization.

The beautiful lady is just another Nigerian who breaks barriers and makes the country proud as she drives and scales most of the ladder to the top.