FarmSmart Launches App to Help African Farmers.

With the support of Kenyan farming operators, FarmSmart has announced the launch of a mobile app in partnership with Amido, London-based technological consulting firm. This groundbreaking mobile app shares farming expertise, which is important, sustainable and climate-smart. Therefore, it offers tailored recommendations based on location, soil type, season and access to irrigation.

The FarmSmart mobile app has an easy-to-use Interface and provides users with learning experience through all phases of the development process, including the identification of pesticides and diseases, the creation of organic pesticides and tips for post harvest activities. It also offers access to chat groups and promotes communications, the sharing of information and the selling of goods by farmers.

Alan Walsh, CEO of Amido, said: “We at Amido believe that technology, in particular with its ability to empower the people with greater knowledge and understanding of the world around it, is important in helping us live longer, become more prosperous and have a low enviromental impact on the climate;

This initiative, as a case in point is for a greater CSR commitment. The FARMMART project has been a very important CSR investment and is also an example of how our technology has had a positive impact, helping to incorporate sustainability into societies all over the world. It advises farmers on how to grow and how to plant the desired land or crop. FarmSmart is about enabling anyone to be an agri-entrepreneur through its simple use of this platform and immersive content.