Made-In-Nigeria: Three Nigerians Build First Electric Tricycles

It has become obvious that the world has gone digital and technology is fast shaping the way we reason; live and the way things are done. It is no more news that vehicles that run on lower carbon-emitting fuels are critical to achieving global energy security and climate protection objectives. Recently, three young Nigerians have gone the extra miles to prove their innovative skills, they wholly built electric tricycles;popurlaly called “keke”.

The announcement has brought happiness to most Nigerians as the value chain created by this feat will be beneficial to Nigerians.

On the 25th of October, a Nigerian identified as Kenneth Nwarache with a Twitter handle @dvoizz made it known, through a post that the very first Electric Tricycles in Nigeria have been made. He also disclosed that the goal was achieved alongside his partners Mustapha and Sadiq.

In that Tweet thread, a video clip was added showing the testing of the electric tricycle which maintained speeds of 72 kilometres per hour keeping a minimal battery drain.

The tweet reads: ”After sleepless nights of trying to fix up this, it is finally here. Very first electric tricycles in Nigeria. Charge stations are up next in a location near you.”

The trio plan to produce electric prototypes of Bus Rapid Transits (BRTs), commercial buses and cars.

”Charging stations will be metered and an app will be made available for those who want to pay using ATM cards, ” Kenneth said.

He also said they were capable of converting already existing petrol to electrically charged tricycles.

On the very important issue of maintenance, Kenneth suggested that the tricycles possess low maintenance requirements and they intend to train technicians.

This is the first electric tricycle made-in- Nigeria by three young talented Nigerians. They used their knowledge to recognized and innovated the needs of many Nigerians.