Interswitch Delves Into Healthcare As It Acquires Eclat.

Nigeria’s foremost fin-tech company specialized in the digitization of payments in several African countries, Interswitch Limited, has announced that it has acquired a HealthTech company based in Nigeria, eClat Healthcare Limited. The deal was completed on September 30th this year, marking 60% of Interswith’s stake on eClat.

eClat Healthcare Limited, founded in 2012, specializes in providing assistance for healthcare service providers in planning, designing, and operating their practices using a tech platform designed for Africa’s healthcare environment.

The eClat’s HealthTech platform includes a core e-Clinic software—electronic billing, immunization, ante-natal, and care pathway functions—and various specialist modules. Before the acquisition, the platform became a leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform used by more than 250 healthcare facilities in Nigeria.

Speaking on the acquisition of eClat, Interswitch’s Founder and Group Managing Director/CEO, Mitchell Elegbe stated: “We are a technology company that is innovating to deliver value across sectors that are critical to Africa’s social and economic development, our acquisition of eClat demonstrates strong progress along with this strategy and alignment with our corporate vision.

Elegbe added, “Healthcare is rapidly evolving towards new, integrated, and scalable models of care delivery that put the consumer at the center. At the core of Interswitch’s expansion into healthcare is our ambition to provide customers with greater access to healthcare across different interaction points beyond hospitals, such as at pharmacies and primary healthcare facilities, providing the needed services to patients across Nigeria and, in the future, in Africa.

“It also represents an opportunity to introduce a number of Interswitch’s products, such as our Verve Health cards as well as our payment collection and disbursement solutions—Quickteller for business—that will drive the needed efficiency in payments for health services across the value chain.”

Speaking on their part, Co-Founder and CEO of eClat Healthcare Limited, Wallace Ogufere said: “The growing adoption of value-based care combined with the increasing level of usage of patient portals across the industry, has made it critical to take a new approach to patient engagement solution design in Nigeria.

He added, “We expect to tightly integrate the eClat capabilities into the Interswitch platform, adding functionality that would enable providers to reach their entire patient populations by leveraging existing patient contact information.”