Tiktok Seeks To Monetize Its Offerings


TikTok it appears is trying to monetize its audiences for both it and its billion-plus users on the app. A limited test of an option permitting users to add links to their bios and posts which can direct audiences onto products or services has recently been launched by TikTok. In the opinion of marketer Fabian Bern, following a video posted by him, viewers appear able to buy products shown in clips from the ads directly.

Influencers make their money from their viewers, and TikTok making the process more streamlined implies that the power users will almost definitely see and use the platform differently. Now, product deals off the website are the only way to make money on the platform.

That TikTok wants to enter the game, specifically in the USA, is an important signal for her ambitions. We’ll see more creators flocking to the site if it’s super easy to make money on TikTok.  That’s always a good thing.

The closest competition to this initiative is Instagram; where users can buy products featured in influencers ‘ stories; they are also responsible for the word ‘ link in bio’ which redirects you to the product/service page.