LandWey Opens Real Estate Tech-Lab.

LandWey has laid down a serious marker in the technology space in Nigeria with the launch of its Prop-Tech Lab for all real estate players.

Prop-Tech Lab will provide the most vibrant, creative tools, services, think-tank and technological know-how that will prove necessary for every 21st-century real estate player.

Speaking at the launch, Tunde Ayilara CEO of LandWey said; Prop-tech Lab will prove to be the opium of the real estate business of the 21st century, in scope, in processes, as information storehouse, know-how, industry innovation and market statistics, study, projections, forecasts, basically everything a real estate player needs to do business smartly and tech-like in the times we live in.

The Prop-Tech Lab Nigeria will most certainly provide the much-needed boost in terms of practical information, innovative platforms and tools that are needed in Nigeria’s real estate sector and it is no surprise Landwey is at the forefront of this.

This lab is the first of its kind in Nigeria and will open in January 2020.