Clumio Raises $135million Dollars In Series C Funding

Clumio has announced today that $135 million has been raised in a Series C round, led by current Sutter Hill Ventures shareholder and Altimeter Captial the latest investor. The company offers a SaaS-style business backup system. Shortly after the company’s release in August, it was announced that in 2017 and 2018 it raised a total of $51 million quietly. The company plans to “speed up its vision of providing world-class data protection in and out of the public cloud by using this new financing.”

Clumio’s overall mission is to build a public cloud platform that provides enterprises with a single information protection service capable of providing on-site data, cloud and SaaS backups. The company focused on VMware on-premises when it came out of stealth. Since that time, the team have expanded to include public cloud VMware.

From next year on, Clumio will expand the market by adding support to the first SaaS app for data protection and supporting backup in more regions and clouds. The public cloud tool of the Service now focuses on AWS–and only in the US. It is also planning to support international regions next year.