23-Year-Old First Class Student To Represent Nigeria In USA

A 23-year-old brilliant Nigerian graduate Essein Oku, who bagged First Class degree in Bsc Mass communication from the University Of Cross River State (UNICROS), will be representing Nigerian in USA.

Essien who is from Odukpani local government Area of Cross River,Rivers State explained to Nigerian Tribune that his achievement was not an easy task, but took dedication, hardwork and commitment.

The young graduate, who is the founder of a pet project, Rescue Nassarawa Project 2022, disclosed that he had been approved by the organising body of the International Academic Conference for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to present his research at Utah University, United States of America by October.

“Studying Mass Communication is not just a cake and butter affair, as some people term it. I see Mass Communication beyond the level of just Mass and Communication. Getting to the apex of the pyramid in getting a First Class degree from the department was not an easy thing. I could remember those days in class, my course mates would be laughing at me, saying ‘Essien is sleeping in class’, ‘Essien sleeps during lectures’ and so on. They were saying these because after lectures each day, I went back home each night, spent a lot of time researching on things that were beyond what the lecturers taught in class.

“So, in the next class, I tried to introduce some dimensions and paradigms that will improve on my studies and I think that dedication is where my recent success from this department in this field emanated from. So, I think that getting a first class degree from this department particularly in the University of Cross River State, was not easy. I encourage anyone that wishes to toe the part of academic distinction to do so with determination, dedication to work and self will,” he said.

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He appreciated his lecturers and explained the idea behind his trip to the United States of America, in October this year.

“Yes, the project abbreviated as RNP2022, is a project that is borne out of passion and burden. I was in Abuja last Christmas and something took me to the Laminga area and Marmara, Shamage areas and Eggon Local Government area of Nassarawa State. I saw life going on in that state out of the global standard postulated by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It pricks me, because if SDGs can be achieved without the rural areas, then, there is no achievement. That was the root of that campaign. I wrote to the organising body of the international academic for SDGs, at Utah University, USA.

“I brought in my perspective of what the Laminga and Mamaraba people in Nasarawa State are going through. I did that to see that we bring solutions to the grassroots because SDGs’ success at the grassroots is the actual success. By then, I had already conceived a framework bordering on wealth creation and urbanisation strategies. It aimed at sustainable rural developmental inclusion.

“So by October 2022, at Utah University, USA, from what I have to present to the world, I will suggest to every government to all the nations in the world, the approaches to be adopted towards global rural development inclusions, for the attainment of SDGs. This is the last decade towards, 2030, and a lot of rural areas are still yet to be reached with SDGs strategies, globally, and Nigeria inclusive, particularly people Of Nassarawa.

“My trip to Utah, university USA, is in response to the RNP 2022 campaign. We are already working hand-in-hand with Twitter SDG harsh tags. The purpose of that conference is for the presentation of the model of inclusion, which the nations of the world are expected to adopt, for the sustainable inclusion of rural areas in the movement of development.

“That conference will put Nigeria at the fore, in the sense that even when Nigeria is encountering challenges, that has led to several imbalances in he country, yet Nigeria’s problems van be solved and Nigeria can help solve global problems and set global standards.