3 cryptocurrencies to invest in May 2022: Parody Coin (PARO), Cosmos (ATOM), and Chainlink (LINK)

Cosmos (ATOM), Chainlink (LINK), and the new token Parody Coin (PARO) could be the hottest investments in April 2022. These three cryptocurrencies could very well reach the moon and provide great returns.  Read on to learn more about these three coins and why you should consider them for your cryptocurrency investment fund.

Cosmos increases validators to 175 from 150

Cosmos announced via Twitter that it had become more decentralised with more validators joining the network, raising the number to 175 from the earlier 150. The update was provided via a tweet, “Cosmos Hub Governance Proposal #66 has officially passed, marking an increase in available slots in the Active Validator Set from 150 to 175!”

Cosmos has become a strong contender for the next-generation blockchain network that could see wide-scale adoption due to its built-in support for cross-chains. Cosmos allows the operation of side chains while remaining connected to the main chain or the mother network. The ATOM token has displayed a strong consolidation phase and could soon gear up for a strong rally that could provide gains in the range of 10%-20%. Add the ATOM token on every decline to gain an edge and build a strong crypto portfolio.

Chainlink gets added by Gauge Cash

Gauge Cash has completed the integration of Chainlink price feeds, and this would enable it to make high-quality price data regarding the project’s native stable asset available to Polygon dApps. Chainlink allows oracle services for powering smart contracts on practically any blockchain. The LINK token has appreciated and remains one of the strongest bets for 2022. Add it by averaging your price and gaining the upper hand over other investors.

Add Parody Coin and get passive income

Parody Coin is building a unique empire that will not just be a meme token. Instead, it will be driven by utility and provide a passive source of income to its users. So you can gain additional earnings by holding onto your PARO tokens.

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Parody Coin will provide an NFT marketplace and metaverse for the benefit of its users. You can create and mint an NFT that will be a parody version of a mainstream NFT. Then, the original owner can stake a claim by burning the original NFT. This functionality is possible through the bridge function.

The PARO token will soon launch on PancakeSwap, but you should consider purchasing it beforehand as the price spikes suddenly after listing. Getting into the Parody Coin presale early could provide more potential rewards.

The Parody Coin will share revenue with its holders. It will reward all users by sharing the income generated from each transaction. Your overall holdings will steadily increase and multiply your profits if you decide to hold for the long term.

The responsibility of maintaining the liquidity pool is with the reflection mechanism as a part of the transaction tax goes toward building liquidity.

The current NFT ecosystem has excluded ordinary retail participants because of the high gas fees and exorbitant prices of most NFTs. Even listing fees on major NFT marketplaces are quite high, and ordinary retail clients cannot afford the listing process. The Parody Coin ecosystem will help in creating an NFT marketplace that targets even the average retail customer.

The three coins above can provide the necessary revenue you may need for pursuing your talent. Cryptocurrency investments have helped many people retire early after generating a sufficient income through their investments. However, do your own research as cryptocurrencies are a volatile investment instrument. You should follow the token’s progress in order to remain informed and adjust your capital as required.