5 Useful Apps Every Gamer Should Know

PC gaming experience is great. One of the most significant advantages of PC gaming is the level of customization that you have which allows you to play however you want.
But sometimes this becomes challenging without the right software after buying the gaming PC or building one from scratch. That humming mass of plastic or silicone, whatever the origin, requires a more superior software to take it to its required limits. Here are five useful apps every gamer should know.

  1. Steam
    Steam is an easy sell software which you might not be able to live without if you have built or bought a PC specifically meant for gaming. The software gives you a secure and professional ecosystem usually associated with closed box consoles. It allows you to search for free to play games and also inexpensive Indies which you can launch directly from the software plus it has a big picture mode for comfort gaming from your sofa.
  2. Game booster
    Razer allows you to optimize your PC settings when using any gaming platform with the help of some free powerful software. It is designed to work with any PC so whether you are working with a basic build or big rig, the game booster will always have something to offer to your machine. It is not only a clever bit of software for your gaming purposes but also ideal when you are looking for improvement without much effort.
  3. F.lux
    As a gamer, you are bound to spend a lot of time in front of your display straining your eyes in the quest for achievements and trophies. This software is specifically designed to adjust your presentation to protect your eyes automatically. Depending on the time of the day you are gaming and the sources of light in the place you are gaming, the software will adjust your display color temperature which will help you reduce your eye strain.
  4. TeamSpeak
    Most people view gaming as a great way of escapism but it also a great feeling to join up with friends online and have a chat over your headphones. TeamSpeak is the best voice chat app for gamers which allows you to connect to your friends easily. It has quite impressive options which enable you to apply echo reduction, tune sound levels and even use encryption. TeamSpeak is free for everyday noncommercial PC use, but it will need you to rent a server or also use a mobile app.
  5. Xender
    If you do have the drive to share files to and from your computer, then you can do so with the help of Xender for PC. The application shares files at a very high speed which makes it convenient and reliable. For you to be able to share the data then you need to install Xender on your computer by using the Bluestacks app player. This way you can transfer games, videos and any other apk files using Xender which works better than Bluetooth since it allows group sharing.
    In conclusion, for a great gaming experience, you will need all the above software which are all available for download. The software will not only help improve the gameplay experience but also ensure that your PC is running efficiently and smoothly.

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