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5 Weirdest And Stupidest Things Millionaires have Ever Done! No 4 Is A Genius!

Getting rich is not easy but once you get rich, people expect a certain way of living from you. You are expected to make smart decisions and live your life in a certain way. But not every rich person adheres to that. Some of them just end up doing weird stuff. Here are such millionaires!

Leona Helmsley

Her story may go down as the purest pet love saga but sadly people will also remember it for the stupidest fortune decision ever made! She was the one who wrote her will to her dog instead of her grandchildren. She was so obsessed with her dog that she gave him the property of 12 million dollars before she died.

Tony Toutouni

This man hails from Iran. But his family came down to the USA after the Islamic revolution in 1979. He started his business in the USA but believe us when we say that nobody, absolutely nobody knows what he does. But he is super rich! All he does is travel in his private jets and parties all the time. He literally throws his money around people who are willing to catch it.

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Nicholas Berggruen

So he did not do anything stupid of course but a lot of people out there might just rate it a little weird. He is a man who used to hold the property of 2 Billion Dollars. He had luxury cars, super expensive properties, and was leading a very lavish lifestyle! But one day, he just gave up all! At the age of 45, He started traveling and would live in small resorts that were far away from the luxury he was once used to. He started living a simple life out of nowhere!

Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking

So what they did wasn’t stupid but a way too ambitious. But Yuri who is worth 2.8 Billion dollars, in 2014 he announced that he would be spending 100 million dollars to find proof of alien civilization. In his venture, famous physicist Stephen Hawking is alongside him. Now that is a lot of money!

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Richard Branson

This super-rich man is known for his random antics. So on one occasion, he lost a bet on a match to his friend Tony Fernandes and so had to work as an air hostess in a 6-hour flight from Australia to Malaysia. And he did it!

Source: Genmice