Adoption of technology is the best way to teach new generation of students ― Bowen VC

The Vice-Chancellor, Bowen University, Iwo, Prof Joshua Olalekan Ogunwole, on Thursday, agitated for use of technology in Nigerian Tertiary institutions saying, its adoption would aid effective learning and easy assimilations of students.

The vice-chancellor who made this known in a press conference held at the University Library argued that the effectiveness of technology in advancing educational development in any given society is more productive than the traditional way of face to face learning lecturers are known for.

He then maintained that “we can not continue teaching like we were taught 30/40 years ago, so the way to go with this new generation is technology. Adoption of technology in teaching is the way to teach the new generation of students .”

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According to him, “from the experiment carried out by Bowen University on some of its students, it has been discovered that learning becomes easier and easily assimilated by students when teaching/learning is presented on electronics platforms.”

” The result of the experiment clearly showed that students find it interesting to read and discuss when the tasks given to them are presented on a familiar or social media platform.”

For instance, in this institution, “We now present books to our students through e-books and we have come to understand that, coming down to their level helps to gain their attention, pass information and educate them better.”

“We have adopted using projectors and practical visuals in our classrooms, where lecturers explain theories with visual and video presentations.

The University don who further advocated for collaboration among public and private universities in Nigeria to achieve success in researches argued that the best way to get a good result in researches is to encourage those that have similar ideas to work together with one another to arrive at a successful goal.

He, however, maintained that “for researches to serve Nigeria well, there must be a structure. There is a need for collaboration among universities in Nigeria. No one single person can do it all.

“You must acknowledge that some people are good in one area and others in another area and then you come together.

“By, so doing and having a structure on the ground while you also celebrate Nigeria scientists, of course, you are going to get an excellent result. You will definitely get the result.”

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