After Government Considers Antitrust Probe,Tech Gaints;Bezos, Zuckerberg, Brin, Page Lose Billions.

  On Monday, after reports surfaced that huge tech firms might be the objective of a few antitrust tests, the abundance of the originators of Google, Facebook and Amazon dropped by more than more than $16 billion dollars combined

  • Founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin lost $2.7 billion and $2.8 billion individually. Brin’s total assets is currently $45.6 billion while Page is worth $48.4 billion, as indicated by Forbes’ Billionaires Real Time Ranking. Which totals to a mind blowing $5.5 billion.
  • Losing a total of $4.8 billion well known Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth is now $61.2 billion.
  • Amazon originator and CEO Jeff Bezos lost the most, with his total assets dropping $6.5 billion. Be that as it may, he’s as yet the wealthiest individual on the planet with a total assets that Forbes pegs at $139.8 billion.


On Monday, a few news outlets revealed that the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission chose which organizations have locale over any conceivable antitrust bodies of evidence against Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

The House of Representatives likewise reported its own different examination concerning Big Tech, flagging that legislators on the two sides of the passageway are set up to go up against these organizations.

After the news broke, offers of each organization fell pointedly.

While Apple is additionally the objective of a conceivable government antitrust test, CEO Tim Cook is certifiably not an extremely rich person (BILLIONAIRE) and in this manner not on Forbes’ Billionaires Ranking.

The DOJ will deal with Google and Apple tests, while the FTC will examine Facebook and Amazon. The offices haven’t opened up any official request—however the acceleration demonstrates that the administration is genuinely thinking about making a move to separate Big Tech.

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