Paris Williams is a 6 years old first grader from St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

An Inspiring Story of a First Grader who Turned Her Dream of Feeding People Into a Reality

Paris Williams is a 6 years old a first grader from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. This adorable young girl has a special interest in the welfare of the people around her, which led her to the reality she created for herself of feeding those around her. Paris cares so much that she created her own non-profitable organization that is dedicated to feeding people.

Her mother, Alicia Marshall confirmed that Paris Williams got her inspiration majorly form the title character of Cari Chadwick Deal’s children’s book, “One Boy’s Magic,” who also uses his powers to feed the homeless.

Alicia explained to KTVI FOX 2 News that Paris was reading books at school about giving, she came home one day, and she said she wants to give back to the homeless. She asked her mother what they can do to help the homeless.

Marshall explained that they brainstormed some ideas together and decided on making care packages for people.

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The fact that Paris did not have the ‘magical wand’ like the boy in the book did not stop her from fulfilling her dreams. With the help of her parents, Paris was able to successfully assemble and deliver (via non-contact drop off) more than 500 care packages containing food and other essentials to downtown St. Louis’s homeless, and also gave out approximately 250 meals to essential workers.

Paris Williams yearned for a more personal connection with the people she was able to help, hence, she decided that dropping off the food alone was not enough, so she added a drawing and a personal note, alongside the food that was been delivered to each person.

Marshall said it makes her really proud because, with everything that’s going on in the world, her daughter, who is entering first grade has such a big heart, she wants to give and help others.”

Looking at what Paris has been able to achieve, we can say she has accomplished quite a lot for her age, and it is even more amazing, as this young girl is still wanting and yearning to do more for the society, by hosting a Thanksgiving hot-food drive for the homeless and also hopes to start a Christmas toy fund for kids in need.

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Paris said she wants to inspire people to do good things in life.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” – Margaret Mead.