Angola Airline to begin Nigerian operations in June

Manuel Augusto, the Angolan minister of external relations, says Angola Airlines will commence operations in Nigeria by June to enhance trade relations between the two countries.

Augusto said in Abuja that the Central African country was putting in place measures to deepen its bilateral relations with Nigeria

“As you know we have Arik Airlines from Nigeria flying to Angola,” he said.

“From the next month – June 10, I think the Angola Airline will start flying to Nigeria because there is an increase in the inflow of passengers from both countries.

“As you know that Angola is also a transit for other continents like South America and it is one of the few of African countries that fly to Brazil daily.”

The envoy said that both countries had agreed to follow up on the implementation of the memorandum of understanding signed on the Bilateral Air Service Agreement between them.

He said that Nigeria and Angola had also agreed to hold a sixth bilateral commission as soon as possible, which would be followed by the Angola-Nigeria business forum by business people from both sides.

“So, all these make the cooperation between Nigeria and Angola very important; there are lots of Nigerian businessmen in Angola,” he explained.

“However, what both governments need to do is to create a better environment for them to do their businesses.

He said that Angola was in construction mood and wants to diversify its economy, adding that Nigeria also needed to diversify its economy.

He said that both countries had relied too much on oil, which he said was not wise.

According to him, the Angolan government is putting in place measures to ensure a conducive environment for the development of the economy and business in the country.

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