Meet Cars45 founder, Etop Ikpe, the young Entrepreneur who helps thousands of Nigerians sell cars through his auto-tech trading platform

Etop Ikpe‘s Car45 is Nigeria’s largest car auctioning service which helps thousands of Nigerians sell their cars daily.

Basically, entrepreneurs have different drives, and for the melancholic-choleric Etop-Ikpe it is the concern for the high rate of unemployment in the country amidst the floating opportunities around, and the intention of solving problems with technology.

Etop Ikpe is the CEO of Cars45, Nigeria’s largest car auction service. It is an auto-tech trading platform that allows sellers and buyers of Nigerian used cars to exchange value quickly. Since its launch in 2006, Cars45 has grown to have over 40 inspections centers, helping thousands of Nigerians to sell their cars.

Interestingly, the Akwa-Ibom born Lagos raised entrepreneur despite his age has vast experience in the business world, due to his successful stints in different sectors ranging from transport, automobile, mobile communication technology and marketing. Notably, his journey started from his school days at the University of Lagos where he managed small scale businesses.

He also started an e-commerce platform in 2009 named ‘Three Stitches’, which lasted for three years before selling it. Interestingly, he has also held executive positions at e-commerce platforms such Konga and Dealdey.

In addition, his passion for developing young people and promoting entrepreneurship has indeed been fruitful looking at the influence on growing entrepreneurs. Indeed, he is an inspiration that inspires.

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