Deaf Nigerian Man Who Attended Classes but Couldn’t Hear Words Graduates With PhD From American University

A Nigerian man, Nnaemeka Nnamani, has taken to his LinkedIn to share a motivating tale about his life. He uncovered that before he even got confirmation for his first degree, he as of now longed for a PhD. The deaf man said that while in the college, he kept up with the propensity for resting five hours consistently and snoozing for just 20 minutes during the day.

He worked hard for it

During his postgraduate investigations, he completely rejected resting and kept up with the five hours around evening time for rest as he uncovered that he generally hit the hay at 2 am.

Nnaemeka said having a dream was vital and he managed it thusly. To prevail in school, he concluded that if individuals who were not deaf can read one book ahead of lecturers, he would do 10.

Presently a doctorate certification holder and an assistant professor, the man shared a photo of his graduation ceremony when he got a PhD in nuclear engineering.

Some of the reactions to his story below:


Ebere Olugbue said: “Congratulations sir!” Prince Nwinor said: “Inspiring Nnaemeka Nnamani, PhD Thanks for sharing I too do not have any degree and it is disturbing me with sleepless nights. but your post has just light up a burning FIRE in me that I can do all things by Gods grace.”

Vicky Uwase said: “Awww, very inspiring! Thanks for sharing with us this wonderful journey! Me too I wish I could reach far as you by God’s grace anyways congratulations.” Ohemu Godwin Pius said: “Many hearty cheers, Nnaemeka Nnamani, Ph.D. More laurels on your path. I’m motivated.”