Dhar Mann Studios Reaches 10 Billion Views!

Dhar Mann Studios Reaches 10 Billion Views!

Dhar Mann is a mission-driven entrepreneur with 27 Million+ followers, 10 Billion+ views & the highest viewed inspirational content creator in the world.

Dhar Mann and girlfriend Laura G celebrated 1 billion views achievement on 17 August 2019. This was achieved within 14 months of posting inspirational content on YouTube and his social media handles. We reached an incredible milestone that I could never have imagined achieving beyond my wildest dreams! Within less than 14 months of creating our first video, I’ve reached 1 BILLION views! he wrote.

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He once had doubted himself before creating my first video. With questions like; will anyone watch it? Will people laugh at me? Will it be worth it? Ultimately, his motivation going forward was the fulfillment of a life-changing experience even if ONE person watches his videos.

On 8 March, barely 7 months after achieving the 1 Billion views milestone Dhar Mann studios reached 5 Billion views. View the top 25 videos that helped Dhar Mann Studios reach 5 billion views by clicking HERE.

In his post, while hitting 10 Billion views, he said, my heart is so full and I’m so thankful for my amazing #DharMannFam! I still remember when I started recording 2 years ago struggling to break 1,000 views on each video. Never in a million years could I imagine reaching this incredible milestone today. The best part of it all is that we’re not just telling stories… we’re changing lives! I appreciate each and every one of you so much… and? I’ll see you in the next video!!! – CEO of You See

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Please know the number of views reflects only on Dhar Mann’s official social media channels (my Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram). Millions have shared my videos on different platforms, but only trackable views on his official channels count.