The Inspiring Story of Billionaire Emma Bishop Okonkwo

Who is Emma Bishop Okonkwo?

Emma Bishop Okonkwo is an Igbo man, A compassionate philanthropist and a successful business mogul born on December 31, 1960 to a shoe dealer. He’s from arguably the most prosperous tribe and region from Africa’s most populous nation. Nigeria is also Africa largest Economy and boasts of over 200 unique ethnic communities.

Emma Bishop lived a story that could inspire the most depressed of heart. Born to a father(now late) who is a cobbler and shoe dealer. Which obviously must have been where and how he primarily gained the knowledge and rudiment for his today’s successful enterprise and billion dollar worth of businesses. despite declining father’s quest to take over his shoe business choosing instead to pursue his own vision and dream. A move that ultimately paid off, and very handsomely too.

Emma Bishop is married to Ngozi (Mmili Aku), and blessed with wonderful children,

Emma Bishop’s Business 

With Company incorporated in Nigeria in 1992 for manufacturing, sales and distribution of quality soaps, cosmetics and household items.

Incorporating his company, Ekulo International Limited, with head office then on 30, Isale Agbede Street, Lagos, on July 3, 1984, the business has today metamorphosed into an oak tree. Initially into trading, they have since diversified into manufacturing and et al.
Now a group of companies, with Ekulo International Limited, Prize Destructioners Nigeria Limited, Ekulo Industries Limited, Evans Industries Limited and Ekulo Pharmaceuticals Limited as subsidiaries, the man is worth billions.

Presently run six brands of soaps namely:

i. EVA SOAP – consists of Baby Soap and ten variants Complexion Care Soaps namely Classic, Gold, Ivory, Pearl, Forever, Herbal, Romantics, Natural Fairness, Fresh, and Moringa.

ii. MEDITOL SOAP – is of three ranges namely:
a) Medicated and Antiseptic Soaps – Original, Gentle, Herbal, Cool and Classic.
b) Medicated Soap – Antibacterial and Anti Mosquito
c) Whitening Soap -Vita plus

iii. HAWAII SOAP (Whitening soap with Herbal extract) – has two variants namely Carrot and Papaya Calamasi

iv. GINO SOAP (Beauty Soap) – consist of five variants namely Royal, Vintage, Care, Charisma and Moringa.

v. UNIK SOAP – has three ranges namely Prickly Heat (Antibacterial soap), Four Seasons (Whitening soap) and Baby soap.

vi. BLOSSOM LIGHT – is of two variants, Pink and White.

The franchise owners/manufacturers of popular brands like Eva Wine, Goya Oil, Adonko Bitters, Mayonnaise, Sardine, Eva Soap, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Baron de Valls Wine, Don Simon Drink, Meditol Soap, to mention but a few, their headquarters have since shifted to highbrow Victoria Island. With factories and branches scattered here and there.
Decorated as an Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic by ex-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in 2011, he started out in Onitsha, Anambra State, before berthing years later in Lagos, Nigeria’s then capital, where fame and fortune located him almost immediately.


Bishop, is a native of Ichi, An annex town to Nnewi, Anambra State, Attended Okongwu Memorial Grammar School, Nnewi. A renowned secondary school until date, Emman Okonkwo has no university record today but outstandingly via interminable reading and travel exposures has expanded his horizon and outlook.

Yes, Emma Bishop Okonkwo is the Nigerian Billionaire who did not allow the loss of his leg stop him. Emma lost one leg to an accident but has risen above the circumstance to feed thousands and educate hundreds.

emma bishop okonkwo

Credited with beautifying his community, lightening streets and providing basic infrastructure, Emma decades ago made it o the tunes of popular high-life artistes including  one of the greatest hit song of Late Chief Osita Osadebe  titled “ONYE OMA BISHOP” “EZIGBO MMADU ADIRO FECHA” which referred to him in entirety.