Ex-Interswitch executive announces new fintech startup, OnePipe

There’s a new ‘fintech kid’ on the block! In this article, Ope Adeoye, previously a Senior Software Engineer and Manager, Strategy & Alliances at Interswitch, shared important lessons from his one year journey as a startup founder. 

He also announced his fintech startup, OnePipe. OnePipe wants to make it easier for traditional institutions including banks and telcos to partner with fintech startups. 

The startup provides an API gateway that allows these institutions to provide the services of fintech startups to their customers. 

OnePipe already has some clients and partners which include SunTrust Bank, Paystack, Kudi, and Cars45. If you’re quite familiar withthe challenges that fintech startups deal with, you’ll find this solution exciting. 

Fintech entrepreneurs always point out how difficult it is to partner with traditional institutions and they also have a problem growing their customer base. 

Banks typically have the large customer base that these startups need access to. For Banks, there is the fear of disruption. 

OnePipe will be successful to the extent to which it can efficiently address the problems that the two groups have and I suspect that it might eventually require more than an API gateway.

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