Female student from Katsina scores highest CGPA ever in UDUS Physics dept

Female Student from Katsina Scores Highest CGPA Ever in UDUS Physics Depatment

This aptly describes the ground-breaking achievement made by Miss Zainab Bashir who graduated with a CGPA of 4.87 which is the highest CGPA anyone had gotten in the history of the Physics department of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto.

PEN PRESS gathered that, Zainab is the student that has the highest Cumulative Grade Point Average since the department was founded.

Zainab who is an indigene of Katsina stated in an interview with our correspondent said that her ambition before was to study medicine.

However, she was offered Physics which she was very good at while in secondary school. She fell in love with it and with God’s help, made the best of it.

“My first choice was to study Medicine and Surgery but then, Almighty Allah guided me to the potential in me which I didn’t realise before.

Physics in secondary school was such a nice subject to me that I had no fear of approaching it’s calculations and it was always my best science subject.

So I regard what happened with my jamb score as a blessing in disguise. Alhamdulillah!”, she said.

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In her words: “Since the time I lost my first choice I groomed my ambition to have this class of degree.

And this is not the end of my dream as I hope to pursue the brightful colours of my career In Shaa Allah!”

She explained that the advice of her father and the mindset of never giving up spurred her morale for chasing such a tremendous feat as she had, over time, been discouraged by many people that her mission could never be achieved.

When asked whether she had ever stumbled due to wrong grades or gotten discouraged by failure, she replied that she never experienced such except for her final year project where she was given a C in spite of her hard-work and dedication and all are previous results were either As or Bs.

Zainab who lived in Sokoto town with her parents all through her program explained that, she never engaged in popular style of reading among students called TDB (Till Day Break).

She read during day and before she slept at home, in the class and in the library where she said she got tranquility and assimilated faster.

“Reading is not about how long but how well, its just about making plans and using time judiciously. So I made plans and used the day to study at home or at the school library. I’ve never done what we students call TDB”

She also explained that, living with her parent has never hampered her academic pursuit because her parents understood her condition perfectly well.
“I have never thought of going to hostel because my mother understood my situation.

So whenever its exam period she just gives me a small portion of work although the issue of short notice lectures and practicals were also a challenge ”

Female student from Katsina scores highest CGPA ever in UDUS Physics dept

As a young lady endowed with a beautiful face, speaking on how she was able to avoid distractions from the opposite sex, she explained that the fact that she was engaged made her safe from that and also, she was diplomatic in dealing with boys and prioritizing her studies more than any other thing.

The valedictorian also explained that she didn’t engage in any extra-curricular activity while she exploited her leisure time to watch dramas and chit-chat with friends as all work and no play makes jerk a dull boy”.

When asked what her plan after graduation is, she said that she wishes to get married and become a teacher/lecturer who will impact knowledge on young minds.

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She finally advised fellow students to focus on their studies and to set their priorities straight.

She said: “Set ur goals and keep focusing, always be dedicated and let prayers be your weapon. Anything can be achieved. Nothing is impossible with the will of Allah”

She concluded that her wish is to see the university system and her products excelling.

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