Ghana Audit Service has launched a mobile app ‘Citizens-Eye’ to track the use of public funds in the country

The Ghana Audit Service has launched a mobile application, which will serve as a tracking device on how public funds are effectively and efficiently used.

The application which is called the Citizens-Eye. It is expected to help individuals to report corrupt public officials.

The mobile application will also allow the Audit Service to monitor the activities of public officials on how they deliver services to the general public.

The app will also enable the public report officials from all sectors who do not offer them quality services. An unsatisfied client will only need to send a message to the Audit Service through the application. The Audit service will in turn relay that information to the appropriate institution to correct the anomalies.

Deputy Auditor General in Charge of Finance and Administration, Roberta Asiamah-Appiah said “the public can now provide information to her outfit without fear of being victimized. Immediately we receive the information, we will rate in terms of High, Medium and low. We will then zoom in and focus our audit in the areas.”

She explained that the system will not be a one-on-one basis where individuals can interact with officials but rather, users can only post their issues there for officials to assess.

“This will help our leaders to focus on areas where they need to,” she added.

The Application was developed in collaboration with the GIZ.

Deputy Programme Director for Good Financial Governance in Africa, Tassilovon Droste said his outfit will monitor the progress of the application to ensure that it provides the results for which it was created.

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