Man recounts how he moved from poverty to Harvard

Grass to grace: Man moves from Living in poverty to Schooling in Harvard University

Desmond Tanko Jumbam has shared an inspiring story of how he entered Harvard University. Desmond joined the viral “How it started vs how it’s going’ trend and shared his story on Twitter. In his post, he showed where he used to live in a dilapidated house but did not let his background hold him back.

His diligence in school as a student and paved the way for him to be among the elites to school in the world-renowned university, Harvard.

Desmond Tanko Jumbam Twitter thread 

In his tweet, Jumbam said gaining entry into was a tough nut to crack, but he acknowledged the support he got from people that cared for and supported his Harvard dream. He captioned his post “how it started vs how it’s going” with photos.

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“This tweet is incomplete without acknowledging the many people who believed in me, and made sacrifices to get me to where I am; my mom, dad, aunties and uncles, family, friends, teachers, college professors, even strangers. Long list. I have a responsibility to pass it on.”