GUO Transport Boss shares 5 Inspiring quotes as he celebrates his 70th birthday

Chief G.U Okeke who carved the name of his popular transport company GUO from his real names, gave insights on how he started his business.

Chairman, Board of Directors, G. U. Okeke Transport Services Company Limited, Chief Godwin Ubaka Okeke has opened up on how his Odyssey into transportation business immediately after the civil war in 1970.

He’s also the Chairman, Board of Directors, ANAMMCO LTD, he revealed how he and his brother trekked a long distance from Adazi-Ani community to Nnewi, Anambra state just to confirm that the Nigerian Civil war has come to an ended.

After it was confirmed that the war has ended, Chief Okeke took his parent’s Peugeot 404 saloon car to Onitsha to check if the family business were still intact.

He said as he was about to return to Adazi Ani, when many passengers going to Enugu were milling around his car.

He added “They were asking me if I was headed for Enugu, as they are not sure if any other vehicles would come around, so I conveyed eight passengers to Ogbete in Enugu at the cost of one pound each.”

“Interestingly, when I got to Enugu, immediately the ones I picked from Onitsha came down, the ones headed for Onitsha rushed to my car and I took them charging them the same amount, ” he recalled.

He said he would have made another trip to Enugu that night because many passengers were waiting, obviously stranded.

“In view of what happened that day, I arrived at Onitsha from Adazi-Ani as early as 5.00am to resume conveying passengers from Onitsha to Enugu”.

This according to him signaled his foray into transportation business.

He later acquired a Volkswagen Combi bus to carry passengers from Onitsha to Lagos.

“I also introduced a two Mercedes 911 for haulage and interestingly that was how the journey started,”.

Here are 5 Powerful quotes he dropped to mark the occasion.

  1. “We still hear about Coca Cola and other big companies whose founders have long gone Some of this companies are over 100 years old. In Nigeria many businesses have collapsed shortly after the persons with the vision passed away. “
  2. At the age of 70, I believe I have done more than enough for myself. I need to rest, my children, my relations and workers, they are all coming of age, why don’t we start planning on how to hand over to our children.
  3. ’What we are suffering in Nigeria Business today is a lot of people moving into business especially transportation without proper calculation, without endurance and experience. You see money flowing in, if you don’t know how to control that money, it will disappear.
  4. I am among the pioneers to start transportation business in Nigeria. Many of my mates then have collapsed.

I used my money to buy properties, Some of them used their own take so many titles; some married three to four wives, so the money was lost. it is one problem people suffer not only in transportation business but overall business

  1. The time has come for the older politicians to allow the youths to take over the leadership of the country to enable them drive its development. The Future belongs to the young and not old.

Happy birthday to him…