Helium Health, a Nigerian company, has acquired Meddy, a Qatar-based doctor booking platform

Helium Health (Helium), based in Nigeria, has announced the successful acquisition of Meddy, a GCC-based doctor booking website that operates in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Helium Health CEO Adegoke Olubusi stated, “We will be leading the HealthTech revolution in the Middle East.”

“There is a huge market opportunity to collaborate with care providers to increase patient interaction, make healthcare data more interoperable, and improve revenue cycle management in Qatar, the UAE, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” Olubusi added.

Meddy launched its doctor booking website in 2015, assisting patients in finding the finest doctors and scheduling appointments. In Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, the firm collaborates with approximately 150 of the best private healthcare providers. With this new purchase.

Meddy has handled over 200,000 bookings as of November 2021, allowing healthcare providers to generate approximately $130 million in billings.

Helium will be able to implement its Electronic Medical Records (EMR) technology and healthcare financial solutions across the GCC region as a result of this acquisition.