How to be a “tech bro” without writing a code

It is 2021, and two out of five 9-5vers want to date a tech-bro or be a tech-bro.

According to the McKinsey report published in September 2020, Nigeria is presently home to over 200 fintech standalone companies, raising over $600 million in funding. Today, we have a Unicorn – Flutterwave, that was recently valued at a billion dollars, not forgetting the user-friendly Cowrywise, and the continuously expanding Paystack amongst other tech-driven companies.

Tech-bro, a lingo used to describe a guy (or lady) working in the tech space is now a bragging right and sometimes, not being able to write codes might seemingly be a disadvantage, but is that all there is to tech?

The tech space, though driven by tech products, needs people to design products, manage products, write about products, and attend to customers who use the products. These needs are opportunities your skills can meet. Below are the possible “non-code” job opportunities in the tech space.

Product Management

People love good products. Whether it is a savings product, an investment, a loan product and any other product, it would need to go through ideation to execution phases and this process is directed by a Product Manager.

A product manager conceptualises a product, creates the scope, forecasts the need of the various customer segments and experiments with scalable solutions that should meet those needs.

The Product Manager is collaborative and must be attentive to details. Even if you do not have a university degree in Project Management, there are several reputable platforms like Udacity, Product Dive, Reforge and others where you can get introduced to the field. Does this sound exciting? Then let’s move on.

Product Designer

Have you ever downloaded an app and loved its interface? It could be the aesthetic blend of colours like Cowrywise or the “in-app” call to action of Bolt or Uber, every exciting feature you see on your app was brought to life by a product designer. Also called UI/UX designers, this is another functional competence you can explore without writing a line of code. If you love playing around designs, and you are conversant with Adobe, Corel Draw, Canva, Figma then you might want to explore UI/UX. You love easy to use products, don’t you?

Content Creator

Content is king, and no one knows about your products until a story is being told about it. Whether it’s writing captivating content, creating exciting skits or other type of contents, every tech-firm would always need content creators who think out of the box to create irresistible content that retain old users and attract new ones. Can you weave wonder with words and tell stories that keep the audience glued to your brand? Then you might already have a shot at being a tech bro or sis.

Social Media Manager

About 40% of the Country’s populace are digital natives; this means that a larger percentage of users and potential users are on social media. Are you seeing what I am seeing? Every tech firm needs social media managers, the proactive kind; the kind that knows how to optimise different trend to put the product in people’s faces and grab their attention without being a burden. Did you follow the “FintechNGTwitterBant” last week? That kind of suave savviness is what social media managers display in the tech space.

Digital Marketer

Think of a digital marketer as a growth engineer who conceptualises different ideas and drives them to execution using the digital space. From managing Google/Facebook Ads to creating SEO-driven contents that make the company rank when certain topics are searched, as the name implies, a digital marketer is responsible for using digital channels to generate leads and build brand awareness. Sounds like something you are interested in?

Product Evangelist

Only a few people can relate to diverse communities, drive growth and proclaim the glad tidings of new products for diverse segments of users, that’s what a product evangelist does. With a comprehensive knowledge of tech, the charm of a preacher and the dexterity of a marketer, a product evangelist’s role is to announce the coming of a product to a certain market, enunciating the benefits of using the products, amongst a host of other things. Exciting, right?

There is also an array of other support functions like HR, Finance Manager, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Portfolio Manager and lots more.

The tech-space is a continuously evolving industry, a fallow field with an array of opportunities waiting to be explored, and not being able to code shouldn’t limit you from becoming a tech bro or sis.