Indomie Opens First ‘Heroes’ Store in Lagos

As part of efforts to connect more with its core customers, the children, Indomie Noodles, has opened its first kids store in Lagos.

According to the company, the store, located at Ikeja City Mall, will be a touch point to the brand’s community by providing creative and exciting Indomitables heroes experiences through various materials and immersive play experiences.

Parading all forms of kid-chic designs, innovative displays and consumer eco-friendly merchandise, the store promised to deliver an engaging, entertaining and exciting experience for children.

Speaking on the initiative, National Coordinator, Indomie Fan Club (IFC), Faith Joshua, stated that the store idea was prompted by the company’s passion for children.

She added: “The store was birthed out of the children’s craving for more, which allows us to bring creative and exciting Indomitables heroes experience to even more children. It features engaging digital experiences in a unique physical space that will inspire children, parents and fans to fully explore the experience.

“It equally promised to create a strong bond with the brand by giving every child the opportunity to look cool like their favourite Indomitable superheroes via various merchandising goods which include, T-shirts, school bags, sunglasses, pencil cases, face caps and super hero stickers, amongst others.

“Children and families are free to experience first-hand creativity that goes into Indomitables character merchandise building, all available in the store at any given time.”

Joshua revealed further that plans are underway to commission more stores in other parts of the country in order to be more accessible to children anywhere they are.

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