Kenya’s most successful tour and travel expert reveals 5 things companies should look for on CVs before hiring

Every day millions of job seekers drop their Curriculum Vitae to several companies’ offices hoping against all odds that they will be contacted and at least be invited for an Interview.

Not so many are however that lucky; just like the good book says many are called but few are chosen.

In a bid to get to the bottom of this weighty matter on what exactly Chief Executives and Human Resource Managers consider when perusing through CVs dropped at their desks, Kenya’s entrepreneurs’ who runs a successful tours company reveals these 5 things companies should check on CVs before hiring, making references to how she conduct her research on job seekers.

Jackline Cherop is the co-founder and the managing director of Densey Tours and Travel company, one of the leading African travel houses based in Nairobi that specializes in conducting tours and travel worldwide.

Here are five things Ms Cherop wants companies to check on CVs before hiring potential job seekers.

1. CV Readability

Cherop says how well one writes their CV can be the sole reason that will determine whether they will clinch that job they have been eyeing for years or not. Short and precise is the key.

“First and foremost is the readability of the CV, how quick can I go through the CV, remember HR’s have millions of CV they receive on a daily basis, a CV should be inviting to read, appealing to the eye and doesn’t consume a lot of time going through,” says Cherop.

2. Qualification

Someone who has necessary if not basic skills for the job always has an edge.

“Depending with the job advertised and experience needed or how urgent the position needs to be filled- I would like to employ someone who has necessary if not basic skills for the job. To avoid spending time in training,” says Cherop.

3. Skills

Before applying any job make sure you at least know what the role entails and whether you meet the cut or not otherwise you will be just making yourself broke even more by spending your few resources on printing papers which would just end up in a dustbin.

“Skills, what will the person bring on board, depending on the job application once again, I will want to choose someone with skills even with less experience.” 

4. Past record counts

“I will want to study the organizations the person has worked and try to figure out why the left the companies, also the duration someone has taken in a job before moving to the next, this will help with judging if he/she is a reliable person,”

5. Be wary of what you post online

Remember we do live in an information age where what you post online is likely to be seen by your future potential employer so be cautious what you post.

Cherop says she always checks a person’s social media page to ensure what they claim to be in their CVs is actually what they do once they go online.

“I then do a random check on a person through social media/internet for any red flags,” says Cherop.

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