Kenya’s ‘PortableVoices’ Opens Podcast Recording Studio in Nairobi

The world is evolving with almost everything getting digitized.

Communication is not left out on this, considering that the increase in the channels through which information is passed around is a.major contributor to the growth of developing countries in the world.

Communication has passed through many channels over the years. Channels like; the internet, radio stations, television channels, newspapers, magazines, email newsletters etc. It is however not limited to these means, as other digital means like podcast and audiobook exist.

Three innovators in Kenya— Allan Allan Niongira (founder), Minzilet and Annetta(co-founders), created a podcast startup called PortableVoices in 2016. They focused on creating podcasts and audio-visual educational resources that will offer alternative learning experiences.

PortableVoices Creatives Ltd is a Kenyan audio production and podcast network that focuses on African spoken entertainment production. They specialize in the production and distribution of African digital audiobooks, podcasts, spoken word, poetry, stand-up comedy and audio version of periodicals, journals, newspapers and magazines.

The startup recently opened a studio in Nairobi Kenya, with the intent to work with Kenyan podcasters to produce audio content for Africa. Allan Niongira, said the studio will be an open space for broadcasters, publishers, entertainers etc. to create quality and informative digital audiobooks, podcasts and radio dramas.

The startups five successful podcasts, Burudani Express, Talanta Viwanjani, Campus Diaries, Africa Startup Roundup, and Motherhood positioned them as the first narrative podcast network in Kenya and East Africa. They tested their audiobook production capacity with their production; Voices in a Generation—a ten-story audiobook in 2018.

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