Burger seller turn Harvard graduate

Man goes from making burgers at McDonald’s to graduating from Harvard

Shannon Satonori Lytle – the son of a warehouse worker and an immigrant – has inspired many with his success story. How he graduated from Harvard making burgers.

A screenshot of a post, Lytle shared online has been circulating on several social media platforms, inspiring people.

Burger seller turn Harvard graduate
A screenshot of Shannon Satonori Lytle’s post on Facebook has been making rounds online and it is inspiring people around the world. Photo: Model Christian College / Facebook. Source: Facebook

Lytle revealed in his post that he worked as a cook at McDonald’s because he could not afford to take the SAT. He struggled not just for his academic pursuit but also to feed his three baby siblings and would often stay up to 4 am doing his homework. In the viral post, the inspiring young man detailed the struggles he had to face to get his degree but he revealed it all paid off. He is now a graduated from one of the best universities in the world – Harvard.

The story of a burger seller who graduated from Harvard was shared on AllNewsInc’s Instagram page earlier this month and it gathered over 45 000 reactions.

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Haley Porterfield commented:

“He should be proud, and we should question why someone in the public education system in the ‘greatest country on earth’ has to commit a crime (stealing his neighbor’s Wi-Fi) and go hungry and stay up all hours of the night. Having the same access and opportunities to education as his rich counterparts should be the norm. This level of exceptionalism shouldn’t be normal. Everybody should have the same opportunities.”

Livexoxolove wrote:

“This is a guy who didn’t blame other people for his misfortune or make excuses for any shortfalls. He will do amazing things for himself! So awesome to read about!” Natygrand said:

“That’s exactly right perseverance, discipline, strength, desire to get ahead. Not privilege. Amazing!”

Lizafar9 added:

“Congratulations, your story is inspiring and you should be really proud.”

Source: Yen.com.gh