Meet Abdullahi Bashir Haske, Nigerian Silent Billionaire

Meet Abdullahi Bashir Haske, Nigerian Silent Billionaire

Nigerians are, by the day’s end, an exceptionally bewildering group of people. From one viewpoint, are extremely rich individuals who are over the top in their longing to show the world their unlimited assets. Then again are people who are wealthy yet really like to tuck away among the everyday citizens. Abdullahi Bashir Haske is one of the latter, in spite of the fact that his endeavors to stay under the radar have not been half just about as fruitful as his splendid business techniques and moves.

For the individuals who have not had the delight of knowing Haske, he is the author and groups MD of AA&R Investments, a long chain of oil-based organizations that keep on extending to new frontiers. He is 37 years of age, a local of Adamawa State, and the one who as of late got 51% of the oil alliances abandoned by Addax Petroleum.

A daring young man, Haske assembled his AA&R organization beginning in the oil and gas sector. Today, the company has solid interests in marine services, aviation, agriculture, information technology and logistics services, to name a few. In a couple of brief years, Haske developed from being an unremarkable worker for hire to quite possibly the most perceived and richest under 40s on the square.

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A few people have credited Haske’s rising onto the statures until now overwhelmed by people more than 50 and resigned to a profound and wide political network. These case that his political affiliations made ready for him. Be that as it may, for any individual who cares to look a bit further into the matter, this isn’t correct. Indeed, this is getting everything completely mixed up. All the ‘Abuja connect’, as they are called, came after Haske achieved this much for himself.

In the mean time, Haske has stayed pertinent to his Adamawa roots. This was clear when he purportedly helped around 14,000 Adamawa occupants during the COVID-19 emergency. For one so youthful, such vision is uncommon to be sure. This clarifies why Haske is a newly discovered model for some Nigerian young people.