Meet Craig walker,who sold his first start up to yahoo,second to Google and the third worth $500 million.

Craig Walker has pulled off a mind boggling string of effective new businesses. He has accomplished numerous ways out with the most prized purchasers while raising subsidizing from the’s who of Silicon Valley—all while enabling the present current organizations to work more slender and all the more productively. Walker as of late showed up on the DealMakers Podcast, where he shared musings on his adventure up the positions of the Valley, the examples of accomplishment he’s seen, the hardest days you can hope to look as a business visionary, and a lot more themes.

Growing Up Next to Steve Jobs

Craig was brought up in Cupertino. He lived on a little road, where Steve Jobs and his team were beginning Apple only eight houses down. He went to Berkeley as a student and proceeded to get his MBA at Georgetown. After business college, Craig invested some energy working at Apple while taking the LSAT, and afterward came back to graduate school at Berkeley. Being a legal advisor given an extraordinary perspective on every one of that was going on in Silicon Valley. He got the chance to speak to new businesses, enormous open organizations that were securing new companies, financial speculators and venture brokers—the ideal method to see the whole development cycle of an organization again and again.

1+1 = 3

Working at one of the two overwhelming law offices, Brobeck, Phleger and Harrison in Palo Alto, he picked up involvement with first rate customers as he took care of their M&A bargains. That included Cisco Systems, Kleiner Perkins, and Sequoia Capital: he really spoke to Kleiner when they made their Series A speculation into Juniper Networks, and furthermore took a shot at the Polycom IPO. Regardless of whether it was an IPO, M&A, or adventure financing, Craig says he thought that it was reviving that—dissimilar to most other lawful work—the two gatherings to those arrangements needed to complete the arrangement. Craig says, “It truly instructed me to search for win-win arrangements. Business bargains that aren’t win-win arrangements, or business bargains that are absolutely uneven, never truly work out.” With the correct sort of associations, you can make 1+1 = 3.”

The Hierarchy of Silicon Valley

Craig likewise says that the one issue with being a M&A lawyer is that you are executing, yet not making those abnormal state bargain deciding. In the Valley, he saw the legal advisors at the base, and after that the following rung up would be speculation brokers. Above them were the financial speculators, and afterward the highest point of the stack would be the organizers. Craig constantly needed to get higher up in the chain, and closer to settling on those choices. He rapidly found the opportunity to do as such with endeavor support TeleSoft Partners, who welcomed him to come on board to do telecom web speculations. He says, “Out of our initial eight speculations, four got procured, two opened up to the world, and perhaps two left business.” Not a terrible proportion by any stretch of the imagination.

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Founders Make

In the entirety of his experience, Craig says the five most basic slip-ups he’s perceived among new businesses are:

  1. Being excessively avaricious and not making win-win bargains
  2. Scaling excessively quick and spending a lot of money
  3. Not believing yourself and adhering to your course when choices should be made
  4. Poor relational elements between the authors
  5. Not envisioning a focused danger to the item or organization

The Darkest Day as a CEO

There can be numerous intense days as a business visionary. Craig had one of his hardest in 2001 when he ventured in as CEO of a VoIP organization that his store had put resources into—a pioneer in its space. Sadly, when the website air pocket burst, the organization’s board acknowledged they had developed too enormous and were consuming an excessive amount of cash to have the option to endure. The board chose they expected to roll out an improvement, to lower cost quickly to hold it together so they could offer the organization before they needed to mood killer lights. Craig was the person they went in to initiate it. The organization had quite recently sliced the worker include fifty-fifty, from 300 to 150. After the praise at first experience with the group as the new CEO, Craig needed to clarify that the best way to spare the organization was to cut that staff right down to 15. He needed to do that before the following finance. Despite the fact that he didn’t realize the group going in, regardless he reviews the experience just like the hardest day of his profession. The hazard merited the reward, slicing the $4 million a month consume rate, Craig got the organization to a beneficial spot once more, and Yahoo came thumping. Yippee considered it to be a basic expansion to counteract losing the market to quickly developing Skype and paid $50 million for it.

Craig’s enormous takeaway: “Treat each dollar in your financial balance like oxygen. Try not to squander your oxygen!”

From Zero to $100 million in Just 24 Months

Craig’s next startup was web telephone administration GrandCentral, which concentrated on furnishing clients with a solitary telephone number to get to every one of their numbers, for example, portable, home, and work numbers. They brought $4 million up in a Series A round driven by Minor Ventures, fabricated it, propelled it and clients cherished it. Before they could close their Series B round, Google came calling and offered them a cool $100 million for the startup, only year and a half after their Series A. The group joined Google, right away including a great many clients by transforming GrandCentral into what we realize today as Google Voice.

Dialpad, AI for Your Work Phone

Walker’s most recent startup, Dialpad takes all his past work to the following dimension joining cloud-based telephone frameworks for organizations and incorporating man-made reasoning to make the most effective procedures for the two clients and merchants. Fundamentally, the objective of Dialpad is to carry straightforwardness to the expert telephone understanding. Dialpad’s items range Conferencing (UberConference), Phone Systems (Dialpad) and Call Centers (Dialpad Sell and Dialpad Support). So far Dialpad has raised $120 million from the most advantageous financial specialists. That incorporates Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Felicis Ventures, SoftBank, and Iconiq Capital. They presumably have a standout amongst the most associated and imposing dream sheets you would ever need to assemble. The latest revealed valuation of the organization was $500 million.

Today, Dialpad works with the absolute greatest names in business—WeWork, Motorola and Uber being precedents—to make their representatives progressively beneficial as well as to reveal creative manners by which AI can make them increasingly effective.

Most as of late, Dialpad propelled Dialpad Sell, which is explicitly designed for deals groups to help salesmen not simply consistently oversee calls, informing, and video correspondences, yet additionally use AI capacities to investigate client estimation and get constant training from their administrators.

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