Meet Ehime Eigbe-Akindele, Nigerian Entrepreneur Who Founded Sweetkiwi Frozen Yogurt

Ehime Eigbe-Akindele is the founder and CEO of Sweetkiwi Frozen Yogurt.

She is Nigerian and holds a degree in Business Information Technology and International Studies from London Metropolitan University. Eigbe-Akindele has also completed an Entrepreneur Management program at the Enterprise Development Centre of Pan-African University in Lagos.

Sweetkiwi Frozen Yogurt is an enterprise that provides premium and healthy frozen yogurt using the freshest, finest and richest ingredients.

It’s a healthier alternative dessert to the calorie type of ice cream. Through Sweetkiwi, Eigbe-Akindele wants to promote and create a trend in the community about how important it is to balance our eating habits.

On her interview, Eigbe-Akindele said that it was the right time for Africans to pay attention to the foods they consume. Apparently, Africans seem to accept the solution her enterprise offers, seen by the high demand for the product from society.

Eigbe-Akindele said that they made an innovative step with their solution. They are very dedicated to providing a high-quality product, making sure to do some research in order to make the best quality products. They are also innovative with the flavors, providing over 100 flavors and recipes.

Sweetkiwi is not only about the product but also about the social impact it brings to the community. By consuming healthy frozen yogurt from Sweetkiwi, people are more aware of their eating habits and slowly change it to improve their diet. In addition, the enterprise also has added value to job creation as they recruit members from the local community.

Eigbe-Akindele said that she is currently scaling up her business through a company-owned store and seek out to expand the brand through franchising to other African countries.

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